Sunday, 14. March 2021

Hear My Cry O Lord

We as Christians can agree that a life without God is empty. As we look at Psalm 61 look at David an...
Scripture: Psalm 61
Sunday, 16. February 2020

The Voice Of My Cry

Go ahead, if you would, and please leave your Bibles open to Psalm five. Our lesson is coming from t...
Scripture: Psalm 5
Sunday, 15. September 2019

A Mighty Fortress

The songs we sing in our worship we should be singing with the spirit and understanding. It is an opportunity that we can teach and admonish one another. A mighty Fortress may be an old song, but this hymn presents God as a source of protection, like a strong castle, a MIghty Fortress. Do we think of God like he is our fortress?
Scripture: Pslam 91:1-6
Sunday, 8. September 2019

Psalm 63 - Early Will I Seek You

Who are you? If you begin with “I am a child of God” then your priorities are correct. If you start with anything else and “I am a child of God” is further down the list ask yourself why it isn’t at the top of your list. Recently Cindy and I heard a line in a movie that really hit me between the eyes “Your identity is who your heart is tied to.” I want to suggest to you tonight as we look at this Psalm, David’s heart is tied to God. He knows he is a child of the living God.
Scripture: Psalm 63:1-11