Sunday, 21. March 2021

Situation Slaves

Quite often individuals allow their circumstances to dictate how they behave. Have you ever found yo...
Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3
Sunday, 21. March 2021

The Faithful God

We are going to talk about the God we are here to honor and revere with our worship today. The scrip...
Sunday, 14. March 2021

Hear My Cry O Lord

We as Christians can agree that a life without God is empty. As we look at Psalm 61 look at David an...
Scripture: Psalm 61
Sunday, 14. March 2021

Every Act Counts

Consider for a moment that every decision that we make, every action that we make matters. The influ...
Scripture: Eclessiastes 12:13-14
Sunday, 21. February 2021

The Purpose of Purity

God prepared Gideon for service. It began by purifying the people by tearing down the idols of Baal ...
Scripture: Judges 6:25-35