A Mighty Fortress

September 15, 2019
The songs we sing in our worship we should be singing with the spirit and understanding. It is an opportunity that we can teach and admonish one another. A mighty Fortress may be an old song, but this hymn presents God as a source of protection, like a strong castle, a MIghty Fortress. Do we think of God like he is our fortress?
This prophet of God likes to learn lessons the hard way. He will be on a hillside bemoaning the fact that God relented in punishing Nineveh. He is angry with God and let’s God know just how upset he is. God uses this as an opportunity to teach Jonah a lesson about compassion
Who are you? If you begin with “I am a child of God” then your priorities are correct. If you start with anything else and “I am a child of God” is further down the list ask yourself why it isn’t at the top of your list. Recently Cindy and I heard a line in a movie that really hit me between the eyes “Your identity is who your heart is tied to.” I want to suggest to you tonight as we look at this Psalm, David’s heart is tied to God. He knows he is a child of the living God.
It is true that there are many difficult passages of scripture found within the pages of God’s word, yet it was God’s plan to reveal himself and His will in such a way that men could understand it. The Bible was not given to us to simply be memorized and stated as mere facts without understanding its precepts.