Es cierto que hay muchos pasajes difíciles de las Escrituras que se encuentran dentro de las páginas de la palabra de Dios, sin embargo, era el plan de Dios revelarse a sí mismo y a Su voluntad de tal manera que los hombres pudieran entenderlo. La Biblia no nos fue dada para ser simplemente memorizada y declarada como simples hechos sin entender sus preceptos.
Si lo desea, continúe y deje sus Biblias abiertas para el segundo capítulo siete de Kings. Lo veremos y volveremos un poco al capítulo seis y veremos algunas cosas allí.…

Today Is A Day Of Good News

January 26, 2020
Our text today is taken from the O.T. period of Israel’s history (ca. 931-722 B.C.) better known as The Divided Kingdom. The people of God were divided into two parts: 1) The northern kingdom of Israel with Samaria as its capitol and 2) The southern kingdom of Judah with Jerusalem for its capitol.

Searching For Integrity

January 19, 2020
Integrity is important to God - In different areas of our lives: Personal reliability, Financial accountability, Private life, Honesty Bible Examples: Joseph, Elijah, Nathan, John the Baptist Having integrity will not always win friends because our society is full of compromise, dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Making Changes

January 12, 2020
Most people fight change, yet it always comes. Some changes are not always good, e.g. Losing a job, Having to move. Losing a loved one. However some changes are good, e.g., Getting a better job, Moving seems to offer "new start", A sick brother or sister going home to be with Christ. If we are Christians, there should have been some change that took place in our lives. Positive change! Acts 17:30 "Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance, God is now declaring to men that all everywhere should repent,.." There should be changes in our lives that happen continually. Paul said, "... though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day." 2 Cor. 4:16 2 Chron. 29:6-9 When Hezekiah became king of Judah, he knew change was necessary. He was dedicated to making those changes. - 2 Chron. 29:10-11 Purpose of this message is to examine how he did it and see if there are any way we can apply these principles to our lives.
In a previous lesson, last month, we began a discussion of the topic of Contentment. We looked at the positive side of contentment where there are areas of our lives where we need to remain content. Contentment is something that we should learn and we can look to the examples of David (Ps. 18) and the apostle Paul (Phil. 4; 1 Cor. 4; 2 Cor. 11) in learning how to remain content in times of extreme adversity. We also learned that true contentment comes when we put our complete trust in God. Therefore, it is possible to be content no matter the circumstances (Phil. 4:11). If we can learn to be content like this we can easily sing “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll, whatever my lot Thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.” (#560, Hymns for Worship) We should be able to conclude that this type of contentment is a very good virtue. However, I also stated or proposed the question, “Can contentment become a vice?” This creates a paradox, for how can contentment be both good and bad? Are there times when we are content and should be discontent?

Jesus The Way

December 29, 2019
Jesus Christ is the central figure of the Bible and all history. Time (B.C./A.D.) is reckoned by His birth. The Son of God became the Son of Man, in order to make the sons of men the sons of God.

Jesus Our Shepherd

December 15, 2019
Foretold in Old Testament prophecy is the promise of a Shepherd. It would be glad tidings for the cities of Judah - Isa 40:9-11 He would gather Israel as a shepherd does his flock - Jer 31:10 Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, And declare it in the isles afar off, and say, 'He who scattered Israel will gather him, And keep him as a shepherd does his flock.' He would feed them, a type of David (who would be his ancestor) - Ezek 34:23 I will establish one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them-My servant David. He shall feed them and be their shepherd. Revealed in the New Testament is that Jesus is that Shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd, who will bring other sheep into His fold! - Jn 10:1-16 He is the Chief Shepherd, who has other shepherds watching His flock! – 1 Pet. 5:4 and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away. He is the Great Shepherd, who through His blood makes us complete! – Heb. 13:20 Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant
The Lord made it clear that He wants us to understand His will. But how does the Lord give us understanding? Some claim that it's by a direct operation of the Holy Spirit. However, the Bible never teaches that. Since God's will is revealed to us in the Bible, the 1st step in understanding His will is to read the Bible. Yet, God never suggested that by merely reading the word we'd be overwhelmed with a sense of understanding. Just reading a math textbook isn't enough to understand math. You have to study the subject. And the same thing is true with regard to the scriptures. Understanding God's word will require careful consideration of what it says.

Jesus My Lord

December 8, 2019
The expression "My Lord" is used but a few times in reference to Jesus... David wrote, "The LORD said to my Lord..." - Ps 110:1 Mary said, "...they have taken away my Lord" - Jn 20:13 Thomas said, "My Lord and my God!" - Jn 20:28 Paul wrote, "...Christ Jesus my Lord" – Phil. 3:8 Yet it is important that every Christian...Thinks of Jesus as "My Lord." It is important for us to appreciate what it means to have Jesus as "My Lord"
As Israel faced captivity by Babylon, God both warns and comforts them... In the face of impending calamity, God gives Israel reassurance. Verse ten is a sentiment repeated often to Israel throughout the O.T. It is not for them only, but for all who rely on God as their hope in times of trouble. It remains a reassurance for Christians today who look to God to deliver them from this “world of sorrow and sin.”