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Following Directions

I’m pretty sure most of you know that Jo Anne & I travel a lot, and that we are wearing out our third motor home.    Jo Anne has always served as the “Navigator” —   I was just the driver.     We often found ourselves heading in the wrong direction, for which I blamed her since she was the one giving me the directions.    When we bought our current motor home, Jo Anne also bought a GPS system “to keep me heading in the right direction.”   


Apparently, Jo Anne was not to blame for my driving errors because the most common thing the GPS system says to me is, “Make a U-Turn when possible!” 

Directions to a specific location only work when you follow them correctly!   You can have the best directions possible and still get lost! 

The Bible contains directions to Heaven.   They are not just the “best” directions… they are the ONLY directions.   Unfortunately, many of us will get lost because we do not carefully follow the directions.
That is something to think about…  

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